Dear Spetses Yacht Club Supporters,

Firstly, thank you for registering your support for the establishment of the ‘ΝΑΥΤΙΚΟΣ ΟΜΙΛΟΣ ΣΠΕΤΣΩΝ / Spetses Yacht Club’ and secondly, your support for us as the Coordinating Committee initiating the inaugural steps to bring the club to fruition.


As was presented at the introductory meeting, a club dedicated to recreational and competitive nautical endeavours but also other activities e.g. cultural, etc. is to be created; this is fitting with the island’s long and rich maritime history and its cosmopolitan nature.


To paraphrase Mr. Vordonis’s sentiments spoken at the meeting, ‘taking the example of the recent Spetses Children’s Mini Marathon, where one saw happiness and pride on the faces of the children who took part, we should work together to provide further opportunities for them, ourselves and future generations to participate, learn and excel’. One of the main aims of the ‘Spetses Yacht Club’ will be to successfully organise, manage and encourage such activities.


With such a large turnout at the initial meeting, held last Sunday at the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School of Spetses (AKSS), and the subsequent emails from those of you interested in getting involved, it is clear that without a doubt the people of Spetses are keen to join forces to create a successful club dedicated to inspiring locals and visitors alike to embrace an empathy with the sea and sea-based sports.


You will agree that AKSS’s generous donations, including providing a home for the future Spetses Yacht Club and the use of 5 ‘Rhodes 19’ sail boats and 2 rowing boats, has provided an enormous incentive to ensure that these resources be put to good use as soon as possible.


1453 1454 1461

(Photographs by: Nikos Marmatsouris; 27/10/2013)


With the help of Alexandra Manoli, who has volunteered to act as the club’s administrator, the up-coming obligations are:


1. The club’s ‘Statute’ (Καταστατικό) is currently being drafted in co-operation with professional legal offices with experience in sports management. Advice and support from experts among us or friends is most welcome. A ‘final draft’ will be made available for review.


2. A plan is being worked on to establish the equipment, facilities and resources required for an initial sailing programme for 2014.


3. The club’s identity and communication tools are being worked on e.g. contacts database, social media, website.


4. The Spetses Yacht Club Logo is currently being worked on. The final proposals will be made available for review in the near future.


Keep an eye out for future emails/notices

Please keep in touch.

Spetses Yacht Club (NOSP) Coordinating Committee

Dimitris Anargyros

Adonis Vordonis

Nikos Nikolaidis